FM Walleyes Unlimited, Inc. was founded in 1977 to promote conservation, sportsmanship and education in respect to walleye fishing in the Fargo - Moorhead area.

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https://youtu.be/_9RNTtdBd24  February 2015


https://youtu.be/9ytZ6l8DBZQ  March 2016


https://youtu.be/bgi-KwxKFkg  September 2015


https://youtu.be/eooCFZp8CnM  April 2015


https://youtu.be/VTtiY2JH16I  February 2015 Crappie Seminar


https://youtu.be/-cPLZ8eyiDY  January 2015


https://youtu.be/jU3d0KZsLUg  Nov/Dec 2015


https://youtu.be/G0RPzZ-FEdA  September 2014


https://youtu.be/NSCrT3_kiTA  October 2014


https://youtu.be/a2bzgx8-Xqw  April 2014


https://youtu.be/nJ_c9JyRPZw  March 2014


https://youtu.be/EW1U2f-qWDg  February 2014


https://youtu.be/yVqjzquEJqQ  January 2014

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